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To promote and foster creativity on campus, Art & Culture offers a broad spectrum of experiential learning workshops and activities that provide an opportunity for students to explore their own creative abilities and express themselves artistically. At the end of the academic year, program participants will have the opportunities to showcase their artworks at the Creative Lab Exhibition.

Our Missions

  • Promote and foster creativity on campus
  • Provide a platform for students to showcase their talents, create & exhibit their artworks and creative innovations

Program Content 

  • Appreciation of art & music  
  • Organize art events, exhibitions & student-initiated projects
  • Platform for students' performance & showcase 
  • Meet artist professionals 
  • Visit to art galleries, exhibitions & attend music concerts  
  • Artistic hub for you to meet friends
Meet our Program Organizing Committees (2020 - 2021)!
Support Student-led Project: Precious Plastic to Art! Take action now!


In Fall 2020, Art Program students-initiated a project called Precious Plastic to Art, they propose to introduce an on-campus plastic recycling technology to repurpose plastic waste into versatile materials for arts and design. They joined the Smart Campus Student Competition (SSC) and became 1 of the 5 winning groups with popular votes from HKUST members and SSC Committee members.

“We aim to turn discarded plastics collected in HKUST into various ornaments, such as mosaic art and jewellery pieces,” said Jacky Lo, year 2 IPO student, also the project leader of the team. “We hope to beautify our campus while raising awareness towards consumption habits and ultimately make sustainability part of our identity.”


The Precious Plastic to Art team wish to

(1) arouse public awareness of upcycling at HKUST,

(2) foster creativity & community engagement and

(3) build an artistic campus.


(1) A plastic recycling workspace will be set up for collecting unwanted plastic as raw materials for 3D printing and art supplies.

(2) Students collect plastic waste on campus together.

(3) Students will work with staff, alumni, artist professionals to create art pieces on campus together (e.g., statue, plastic products & mosaic wall).

Support this project & take action now!

We are now collecting unwanted plastic bottle caps in HKUST!

Every week, our team bring these wastes to the lab and shred them into pieces for making artworks. The team is organizing monthly beach clean-up and plastic bottle caps collection event and on-going upcycling plastic art workshops. Please take part in our beach clean-up and collection events! And support our plastic art workshops to cultivate innovative ability, building a clean and artistic campus together!


Date: May (TBC) 

Time: 17:00 – 18:00

Location: HKUST Seafront

Registration & Enquiries: posvibes@ust.hk (Michelle Ma)

[May 2021] Art Jamming Activity: Free flow of creativity and imagination!
[April 2021] Evening Music Jam (22/4/2021)
[April - May 2021] Online Music Jam Performers Wanted!
[March - June 2021] CamerART Campaign: Call for Artist & Photographers!

Let’s give your artworks a life while staying home during the pandemic! The Art Program Organizing Committees are now collecting artworks from HKUST students for upcoming online art exhibition “HKUST in my eyes” in Summer 2021, we are not looking for professionals, but students who are passionate to share their artworks and stories for others to enjoy.

Join this campaign and submit your artworks related to "HKUST in your eyes" to get a free & stylish slide-out RFID card holder as souvenir! All selected artworks will be share and posted on University website & Instagram. 

Theme of exhibition: HKUST in my eyes
Art collection period: Now till 30 June 2021
Application, Details & Submission: Click here!

Enquiries: posvibes@ust.hk

[April 2021] Mosaic Candle Holder Workshop (Get 2 HLTH 1010 WELLENRI hours)
[March 2021] Online Mandala Drawing Workshop
[February 2021] Artist Sharing (Chan Oi Ying): Chinese Calligraphy Workshop (Get 1 HLTH 1010 WELLENRI hour)
[February 2021] Online Music Jam
[December 2020] Christmas Music Jam
[November 2020] Mobile Digital Art Workshop!
[November 2020] Evening Music Jam (Online event!)
[November 2020] Artist & Alumni Sharing (Edwin Wan): Introduction to Musical Theatre Singing Workshop
[October 2020] Artist Sharing (Victor Tse): Introduction to Cinematic Career & Digital Art Jamming Workshop
[October 2020] Sustainable Fashion Design Workshop (get up to 8 HLTH1010 course hours)
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