1-HKUST Student Enrichment Activities Fund (1-HKUST Fund)
Effective from Fall 2019, Student Enrichment Activities Fund (SEA Fund) will be merged with President's 1-HKUST Student Life Award and become 1-HKUST Student Enrichment Activities Fund (1-HKUST Fund).
The purpose of the 1-HKUST Student Enrichment Activities Fund (1-HKUST Fund) is to financially support student groups or individuals to organize or participate, on a voluntary basis, in activities or projects that disseminate at least one of the following learning outcomes:
  • enhance our campus community engagement, multicultural awareness and strengthen the integration between student groups and individuals (students, staff and faculty)
  • engage students in a process of holistic development that connects their body, mind and spirit, or enriches their global outlook
  • enhance students' development through participation in a competition, program or performance, which at the same time cultivates a vibrant and caring learning community on campus
  • facilitate the development of cultural diversity experiences and student engagement activities and fosters a greater sense of belonging amongst the HKUST student community.
Application Guidelines
Full-time students, undergraduates or postgraduates, individuals or student societies* are eligible to apply for subsidy from the Fund. The proposed activities or projects must achieve at least one learning outcome stated above. Past activities or projects will not be considered.
* Except SU-affiliated societies, group names should not be used for the project name or the applicant name. The applicant should be the PIC of the project rather than a group.
If you wish to apply for the Fund, you should write a project proposal which includes a plan of income and possible subsidies granted for the project, expenditure plan and the amount of subsidy expected. Before you submit proposals, you should check your proposal with the selection criteria of the Fund. Proposals will be evaluated based on the extent to which they meet the selection criteria. If you would like to explore your ideas with someone before you submit your application proposal, contact our staff at 1hkust.fund@ust.hk to make an appointment.
Proposals will be assessed in the main application exercise in Fall semester. Subject to availability of funding, a second round of application may be offered in Spring. 

Amount of Subsidy
Project Completion Report
For enquiries, please email​ 1hkust.fund@ust.hk