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Getting the best out of your university education!

The Dean of Students' Office are here to help you get the best out of your university education—making your time here at HKUST dear to your heart, significant to your growth and transforming to your life.
Our vision is to foster a caring and creative learning community which not only helps to develop your knowledge and skills in your selected discipline, but also inspires you to broaden your knowledge and develop your full potential in pursuit of your goals. Apart from working wholeheartedly to improve the quality of student life at HKUST, the Dean of Students' Office is dedicated to supporting your intellectual growth as well as total personal development through a variety of programs and services. The core values of student life that we strive to promote at HKUST are:
Success - Promote student success and learning through the intellectual, moral, psychological, physical, career, social, cultural, aesthetic and spiritual development of students.
Excellence - Achieve excellence and professionalism in all programs and services. Set high goals to generate motivation.
Integrity - Demonstrate and expect responsibility and accountability in all community members. Uphold high standards of ethical behavior.
Caring - Teach caring by example with consideration, sharing and kindness. Treat others as we want to be treated.
Diversity - Honor the history, traditions and culture of all members of the University community and promote a nurturing environment. Celebrate diversity and the unique contributions of each individual.
Respect - Recognize the dignity, worth and individuality of all members of our community. Cultivate an environment that is fair, open and just.
There are plenty of opportunities for you to learn and explore in addition to academic studies. We hope you will take full advantage of your freedom to turn these opportunities into meaningful learning experiences which would make a lasting and positive difference in your life ahead. Your years at HKUST could prove to be memorable, meaningful and extraordinary.
We look forward to working with you as partners in making HKUST a perfect home for us all!